rebrand and relaunch! specializes in rebranding and relaunching websites. Your investment in a CMS (content management system) allows you to easily update your contents, and whenever you feel it’s time for a change, the entire “look” of the website can be easily redesigned and changed, without having to reenter all the contents!

Your old website:

  • is no longer cutting edge
  • is boring
  • is static and isn’t updated
  • costs money every time you have to update, and updates are dependent on your webmaster’s schedule
  • doesn’t reflect your current and future goals

but what you want is:

  • an affordable solution to keeping current
  • an alternative  that doesn’t require restarting from scratch
  • something dynamic
  • in-house ease of updating and augmenting
  • a web presence that allows easy periodic visual modification

So, rebrand and relaunch!

  • invest in an affordable and flexible solution
  • plan & implement a new look & functionality
  • learn how to easily modify & add content
  • surprise and motivate your visitors
  • be able to react to changing needs