A content management system (“CMS”) is the key to your ease of coping with change

Maintain your web presence yourself. lightworkerarts.com includes training in updating and creating new content, as an integral part of all commissions, allowing you to save time and money, by not having to wait for a web-professional to make content changes and adjustments.

Pages for ‘static’ information

Content and information which forms the basis of your website, and which are seldom changed. New pages are easily added, for example: new products or projects, resumé pages, or ‘Terms & Conditions’.

Posts for ‘dynamic’ information

Add (date-based) content regularly to keep your visitors informed, inspired and returning to your website. Regular additions to a website always improve search engine ratings.

Templates facilitate easy implementation of future changes in branding and display

Atemplate/skin system allows for future changes in style and feel, without having to completely revise or reenter contents. For example: change your colour scheme with the seasons, or react to new market trends and inspirations.

Infinite expandability and tracking

Using an easily-learned interface, add and configure photo/image galleries, portfolios, social media content & links, mailing lists & subscription options, track site-usage and search engine optimization.