consulting & strategy

Owning or ‘acquiring’ the software to create websites, or using free website-creation online sites, doesn’t mean that you have the skills, knowledge or experience to create the killer website you need for yourself, your product, your project or your future!

Set up a Consultation

in person, or on-line (using Skype or similar technology) and let’s discuss your needs & dreams, and together analyze how lightworkerarts (or your web-developer of choice) can fulfill your Brief. The Consultation will be charged at a rate to be agreed upon. However if you choose to have lightworkerarts implement your Project, the cost of the Consultation will be deducted from the agreed cost of the Project.

Strategize with lightworkerarts

In examining your new Project or your potential website Redesign/Rebranding, use our experience in design, usability, social media implementation, branding and search engine optimization to create a custom solution for you.